Saturday, 27 August 2011

Isles of Scilly Pelagic 12th-14th August

Friday 12th August...Seventeen Hundred Hours...491 55 NA 6*19' W c26mls off the Cornish Mainland...
15-20mph S/W winds light swell... battern down thee aaaatches, pointy end of the boat forward
for I smell Shearwater...

Three hours later...

Sea sickness cures or as I like to call them...

#1 Staring at a fixed point on the horizon... (and seriously considering swimming for it)
#2 Smearing yourself from head to foot in Tiger Balm/mermaid scales/Unicorn tears or cow sh*t
#3 Sitting in quiet meditation before exclaiming the Lords name aload and making an offering to his most wobbley of creations (the sea)

''First I was scared I might die, Then I was scared I was going to die, Then I was scared I wasn't going to die''

Bill Oddie on sea sickness whilst sailing to St Kilda.

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