Sunday, 19 February 2012

3 Chub Munchers and a Bog thumper Otmoor 18th Feb

Fantastic morning on Otmoor in the company of messers Barker,
Sherlock and Woods (not a legal firm but Otmoor stalwarts).
A nice Dark-bellied Brent goose first thing on the Closes followed by a Bittern
fly pass over the main reedbeds and then... Badger and Otter nose to nose!
(so to speak) in a close albeit brief encounter. The resulting video was a bit
shakey so it's been stablized and cropped and filming through reeds with an auto
focus is far from ideal but I was lucky just to see them.
Otters are back in Oxfordshire lets not loose them again.

Courtesy of Mr Sherlock (c)

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