Friday, 17 February 2012

Bun fight in the valleys...17th February

A bit of this...

plenty of this... (eventually)

Then quite alot of that!!

Mr Coleman toasting number 300 with a particually good Bourbon.

Common Yellowthroat present for at least three days at Rhiwderyn near Newport.
Easy to speculate that this little gem arrived last autumn and has over wintered un-
-detected in south Wales until now. Pushed around first thing this morning (stampeding
at a bird in a hedge isn't conducive with obtaining prolonged views of a warbler)...
Who'd of thought? Eventually common sense prevailed, lines were drawn at a 'sensible
distance' and the Yellowthroat performed splendidly spending most of it's time feeding
on the ground below the hedgerows.                                                                      

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