Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Golf Courser 21st May

Cream-coloured Courser... CREAM-COLOURED COURSER!!!
C'mon! what a bird! what a name!? A real birders bird eh?!!
Plumage evolved for camouflage in the deserts of north Africa...
Stuck out like a sore thumb on a golf course in Herefordshire though.
More on the little clock work stunner on Gnomes Birding Diary

(c) Ewan

Apparently about the
44th record for Britain
and only the 4th record
since 1980.The last bird
being the unfortunate
Scilly bird of 2004.
The assembled masses (c) Ewan

just over 2 hours.
A steady stream
of admirers all
dodging the
incoming golf
balls on what is
apparently the
highest course
in Britain.

(Any relation of the post title to puns either living or dead is purely coincidental)   

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