Saturday, 23 March 2013

Missing... Can you help?

Out of a sense of growing desperation and an upsurge of public opinion, the government has finally
made funding available for a last ditch attempt to locate the spring.

A spokesman for the Search and Rescue teams said...

"We are growing increasingly concerned for the whereabouts of spring as
there has only been two confirmed brief sightings both in early March but nothing since.
We are concentrating our search efforts in and around Farmoor Reservoir due to rumours
of migrant birds appearing which would normally indicate a spring presence."

With the coming week set to remain cold and wet, the search may have to continue...


  1. I must admit this is the latest I have ever seen an overwintering garden Blackcap hang on into March. I therefore imagine Central European Search and Rescue teams are similarly in great demand.

    Farmoor is such a large water body it does tend to create its own regional climate. There again, others have suggested that the migration results coming to some birding Farmoor this Spring is simply a continuation of deserved reward for the superior Welsh effort in the field.... at a ratio of around 30:3 !

  2. I think spring is on the way. I noticed this afternoon the snowflakes coming down in my garden were much smaller than this morning

  3. I live in Central Europe and, yes, the search is on here too. We had our first Swallows through Belgrade on Monday. They were flying through a light fall of snow.