Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lesvos Spring 2013


It's a rare occurrence in one's life when hand on heart you can say that
there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be right now...

It was a great pleasure to share the first week with Andy Last and Dave Lowe in what
was a full on hardcore birding week with each day comprising of at least 12 hours in the field.
I felt privileged to be able to share in Andy's enthusiasm at seeing new species (56), on this his
first foreign birding trip and also to bird this legendary Island with Dave who is without doubt
one of the sharpest birders I've met. Such a brilliant and very memorable week, thanks chaps.

Highlights included a group of 9 Rollers,
6 Golden Orioles sat in the same bush,
Watching a flock of Red-foots fly in off the sea,
Multiple Pallid and Montagu's Harriers,
Eleonora's Falcon Dusky Falcon of DEATH & Griffin Vulture,
Short-toed Snake Eagles,
A close encounter with a Goshawk,
Long-eared Owl & chicks,
2 Baillon's Crake together,
6 Little Crake together,
Spur-winged Plover & Marsh Sandpiper,
15 Purple Herons in flight,
Slender-billed Gulls,
Singing male White-throated Robin,
Rock Sparrow,
Falls of migrating Collard Flycatchers & Shrikes,
Alpine Swifts in mid air courtship flights & calls, 
Black-eared (at least 2 races...Collins should dedicate a whole page to B-e.W)
 and Isabelline Wheatear,
Picking out Citrine Wagtails and various other races in falls of Wagtails,
False Apollo Butterfly,

Lesser-grey Shrike
Red-backed Shrike
Golden Orioles courtesey of Andy Last
In the second week Mrs Badger arrived as did Mr 'Paranoid' and
 Jean his wife, in what was a more sedate week but not without its highlights...

Levant Sparrowhawk,
Caspian Tern,
Yelkouan & Scopoli's Shearwaters,
Rufous Bush Robin,
Olive Tree Warbler,
Sardinian & Ruppell's Warbler,
Bee-eaters (sorry Andy)
Pallid Swifts,
Collared Pratincole,
Icterine Warblers,
Marsh Warblers,
Red throated Pipit landing on the windscreen (of the stationary) Hire car,

In the third week the migrating bird numbers were starting to tail off
so it was time to get up close and personal with some of the other outstanding
wildlife resident on the Island...

Starred Agama
Mrs Badger and new best chum Empusa fasciata

 Left hand Caterpillar looks like a Swallowtail but I'm not sure about the other two?
Already booked 'Vos 2014' and counting the days...
Broad Scarlet
Lesvos The Movie...
Birds & Wildlife filmed on Lesvos April/May 2013
Please 'click the cog' to view at 720p HD


  1. Excellent work Badger, that is a beautifully filmed and edited movie. Video is such an evocative way to capture a birding trip, great work!

  2. Thanks Tom that's very kind :-)
    It is such a fantastic Island for birds and wildlife.

  3. Great account of Lesvos 2013 well done all of you !!!