Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dorset & Devon 28th December

A Portland Dawn 
Brunnich's Guillemot courtesey of Elementerry 
c400 (the sequel to the film 300)
Old School Wren & Badger
Brixham Harbour..."It's full of Divers!"
Elementerry & Ewan 'Two Eyes' Urquhart Brixham Harbour

Please view at 720p HD

Shag. Cracking picture from Elementerry
White-billed Diver
Above & below courtesey of Ewan
Brixham Breakwater
 Black-throated Divers Brixham Harbour courtesey of Elementerry
Elementerry...again sniping Purps.
A Purp
5 Purps
Turnstone courtesey of Elementerry
One more eh...

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  1. Thanks for the usual high standard of footage .
    The Oxon Feather.