Wednesday, 11 December 2013

24 Hour twitch the movie...

     Hawk Owl Marsweg Zwolle Holland 7th December 2013 photo (c) Paul Cools

'24 Hour Twitch' The Movie...
Please veiw at 720p or 1080p HD
photo courtesey of Andy Last
A gruelling 24 hour trip to see the Hawk Owl at Marsweg near Zwolle in North West Holland.
We took the Tunnel from Folkstone to Calais and arrived in Northern France at around 3a.m.
Elementerry and Owl
A Four hour drive through Northern Europe saw us arrive at the Owl site just after dawn.
The Wickster (he walked to Zwolle)
We watched this ferocious little Owl for a couple of hours as it successfully hunted
voles and chased the local Jays through the tree tops after their mobbing became too much.

Andy scopin Owledge
We birded a few areas in Holland as we worked our way back and added
four Lesser White-froned Geese amongst the masses of Greater White-fronts
and Barnacle Geese we even scored a White-tailed Eagle and numerous Egrets.
Great White Egret one of about 25 seen photo courtesey of Andy Last
A fantastic and memorable trip which has certainly whetted my appetite for a return
winter trip to Holland though almost certainly for longer than a day.
A massive thanks to Terry for doing all of the driving without taking a break,
and a massive sorry for introducing him to Red Bull.
"Red Bull...It gives you wind"

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  1. Very Good , Good Bird , Good filming and the kids seemed to behave Badge.
    The Oxon Feather.