Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cornish Rattler, Showaddywaddy & The Oxfordshire Palagic Societies annual Sea Watching Expedition to The South West Approaches 21st-24th August

Gannet courtesy of Roger Wyatt

                           Testament to Andy's 
                                       skill behind the camera,
                                                                           He continued taking photo's 
                                                                                                                                                        even whilst sliding off his chair...

'Courtesy' of The Gun-slinger.
The boy's quick with that camera, he even caught me... uhhh... blinking... 

Great Skua courtesy of Roger Wyatt
Clackers 'All quiet on the north western front'.

 We managed to sneak off to Heather's Tea Rooms in Pendeen for cream teas and Saffron Cakes.

Sooty Shearwater...probably the greatest Shearwater...In the World... 
courtesy of Roger Wyatt


Arctic Skua courtesy of Roger Wyatt

Saw these two dodgy characters at Pendeen 
(Rog & Sue)

Manxies courtesy of Roger Wyatt

Kittiwake courtesy of Roger Wyatt

Basking Shark one of two we saw

Balearic Shearwater courtesy of Roger Wyatt

Another Wyatt! This time a Geoff picking out a Sooty.

Manx Shearwater courtesy of Roger Wyatt

Lasty & Elementerry discussing all things millinery

Sunset from the YHA (AL)

Fulmar courtesy of Roger Wyatt
Dolphins including a couple of young (Dolphlets) T.S

Shag courtesy... of... Roger... Wyatt... (that sounds very wrong)

Stonechat courtesy of Elementerry
Ewan, Lasty and that hat again. (T.S)
Wheatear courtesy of Elementerry
Rock Pipit courtesy of Elementerry

Class of 2014: 23rd August Cot Valley Cornwall


  1. Oh! for a tsunami to obliterate all this misery - mind you Clackers would float to the surface and return to Witney like a bad message in a bottle.
    In truth good to see you all having a great time But and the question has to be asked - what no cream cakes?
    The Oxon Feather.

  2. Great stuff matey! Shame about the lack of wind but some lovely photos from a great part of the country!