Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yep...It's another one. Lesvos April/May 2014

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Another Vos Movie with more Badger narration and guitar pick'n.
Villa Anastasia our base out west.

Our garden list included this Lesser grey Shrike, Olive-tree Warbler,
Bee-Eaters and one evening a flock of over 17 Lesser Kestrels.

Mrs Badger & me with 'the Anastasia' and Paul Manning
Paul's superb web site The Wildlife of Lesvos

Yellow Wagtail...with a smashing yellow supercilium...which race/hybrid...? 
(good luck) 

Lesvos Bush Cricket

Colin found a larder (I think it now resides in Piddington)?

 "you're gonna have to wait til I get the shot"
Beautiful, beautiful, Sigri

Cirl Bunting

 Gull-billed Terns and some long legged chums

 Squadron of Squacco's

Big Eyes...Little Eyes...  Something's gonna die...

 Middle Spotted Woodpecker
 Little Tern

 Pallid Swift Maladia Valley
Cretzschmar's Bunting

All the good and in focus Bird photos courtesy of Mr Last.

Apocalyptic Donkey of Doom
"Eeeeawways going on about the Greek economy..."
I know what you're thinking...
and no... I'm not proud of that.