Thursday, 22 December 2011

Prior to our arrival on Islay Ewan
had been in correspondence with Ian
who runs the superb Islay Birds Blog

Ian very kindly invited to us to attend
the informal Islay bird club meeting
which we gratefully excepted.

Even the local coaches are getting in on the
goosey shenanigans...

Other than the Canada Geese Islay is
a winter home for up to 45,000 Barnacle
and 7,000 Greenland White-fronts.
We also added 1 Pink-foot, about
100 Greylags and around 40 pale bellied Brents.
The numbers of Whoopers increased
while we were there.

Several ringtail Hen Harriers
Merlin & Peregrine
Barn Owl
Rock Dove

Long-tailed Ducks
Scaup & Slavs
Mergs & Eiders
Great northern & Red throated Divers.
Even managed an Otter...(get in).

      One of two RSPB reserves on Islay the other being
      on The Oa peninsula which is where we finally caught
      up with one of the two pairs of Golden Eagles.

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