Monday 11 December 2017

Hardy Bardy 9th December

Barred Warblers have always held a certain allure over me, I'm not sure why exactly after all,
the majority of Barred Warblers we see in the U.K are drab grey first year birds.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen several Barred Warblers over the years mainly
along the east coast in the autumn, but also on the Greek island of Lesvos in the spring, I even managed to find my own, one October on St Agnes Isles of Scilly.

The one thing that all of my experiences with this chunky Warbler have had in common, is that they have been skulky and difficult birds to see for any length of time, so when word and photos of an
uncharacteristic showy bird at Titchfield Haven in nearby Hampshire arose from the cyber ether, a fiendish plan was hatched...

Apparently not that fiendish it would seem as several others from gods own county had also snuck off down the A34 for a peek at Sylv-zilla.

From left to right: Mauve Hawk, Tezzer, Anne Truby, Old Caley, Jim Hutchins.

Barred Warbler 1w Titchfield Haven above & below courtesy of Tezzer

Pennington Marshes.

With such incredible views of the star attraction early on, we were keen to make the most of our day in Hampshire, with Pennington Marshes a clear favourite in the list of birding options.

Bearded Tit courtesy of Tezzer

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  1. Well and truly gripped now! Pennington it is next then!!! Great videos too!