Monday, 23 July 2012

It's all about the Purps baby!!!

Well actually it isn't...It's about making the most of a brief spell of good weather in what 
has been a disastrous year for most of our winged chums including our Butterflies.
With this mantra in mind, I've been chasing Butterflies up and down the main track
in Bernwood Forest on the Oxon/Bucks boarder for the last three days with all the fervor 
of a Pith helmeted Victorian unleashed on the Congo with an empty cabinet and an evil glint.
I have to confess that most years I've only really viewed the watching of Butterflies,
Dragonflies & Damselflies as something to fill the long summer (like we've had a summer)
months before the autumn birding gets going  but... my epiphany hit me whilst on my knees between
the dog sh*te...camcorder in hand...staring up in to the blue yonder marveling at one of natures 
iridescent beauties happily flumph* on by... 
Was that gravel turd rich track my very own road to Damascus? 

A Purp on Oliver Coopers hand ** (Is it worth two in the bush)?

*    Flumph is recognized terminology amongst Lepidopterists
**  Note to self: Research availability of glove and miniature Jesses 
        incuding the viability of training 'Attack Purps' ?
***Must make REAL effort to get out more.

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  1. Good post Badge, pity Oliver ended up with the crap.