Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hume's Horseshoe Plantation 4th November

The last Hume's I saw was in the same East Sussex wood on December 31st 2007 and was #342
and the final species in my and Wreny's grueling Big Year, this time round I enjoyed this eastern waife in the splendid company of me olde mucka Ewan 'two eyes' Urquhart.
Hume's Leaf Warbler (c) Two Eyes
Call similar to Yellow-browed 'Church of England' Warbler...C.O.E (seee o eee)
 but richer and fuller.

Red Breasted Goose Farlington Marshes Hampshire top (c) Two Eyes
Art Deco Goose... "I should coco...anyone for the naughty salt?"

Brent Goose
Moody black & white photo of Belle Tout Lighthouse now a B+B http://www.belletoute.co.uk/
In recent history the whole building was lifted and moved away from the crumbling cliff edge!
Two Eyes and Baggers reunited again after the BBC3 'Twitching' programe
grilling the Horseshoe Plantation

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