Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lesvos III (The best of the rest) Spring 2012

The final video in the Lesvos trilogy but It has neither the budget of
Lord of the Rings and if I'm totally honest very few goblins in it...well none.
I did meet some rather hairy inhabitants and there is a rumour that Geoff Wyatt once
twitched a fella with huge ears to the south of the island!? but you'd have to ask him about that.
Basically this is all the stuff that didn't make the other two videos and was recorded at various
locations on this magical Greek island at the end of April and early May 2012.
 Ruppell's Warbler
Rufous Bush Robin
Black-headed Bunting 
 Montagu's Harrier
Kruper's Nuthatch
Woodchat Shrike
Black-eared Wheatear
Blue Rock-thrush

 Viewable at 1080 HD

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  1. Stunning images you should be working for the Lesbos tourist board. Bark