Sunday, 23 June 2013

Norfolk & Suffolk June

Courtesey of Ewan More from Norfolk here

A grand day out in the splendid company of Mr Urquhart and Mr Last esq
in an attempt to see a European beauty residing in and around a small garden in
Wells-next-sea along the north Norfolk coast.

Take 1 Rose-coloured Starling..
Add a soupcon of A male in summer plumage...
Leave for four days and four hours and...
*No Starlings were harmed in the recipe
and no chefs real or fictitious were throttled

Please view at 720p or 1080p

The Starling spent much of its time swinging on nuts,
and pecking at the fat balls...

Apocalyptic Twitch-Suffolk 15th June

We went to Kent to see the Black Kite nr Faversham then this happened...

We went to Suffolk...
Andy sporting summer chic
We yomped the 1 2  3 miles out to the sea wall at Trimley Marshes
in what can only be described as apocalyptic weather which, most
likely accounted for the PACIFIC SWIFT'S protracted stay.
Amongst the c100 common Swifts the Pacific was
often difficult to keep track of...
It did however comes close a few times giving fantastic views...
It even stopped raining a few times whilst we were watching...
Then it started again...
All photos by kind permission of John Richardson

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