Monday, 9 June 2014

Team Wren Update

Well after 3 days rest Paul is back on the road.
He has made it to Shrewsbury tonight (8th). 
The best part of the day was seeing a Spotted Flycatcher 
in a place called Twitchen!!
His knees are still really painful, which means he might
end up doing his ride in stages, just taking each day as it comes.

Vic Wren

1 comment:

  1. Dear Paul, Please do not take any chances with your knee's I for one and i'm sure any other reasonably minded birder out there is more than happy to pay our donations for a most worthy cause but not if the price is your well being . So if you feel this brave attempt is going to leave you with problems please come on home and carry on finding good birds for us. As far as i'm concerned you deserve to be paid the sponsorship for the thought behind the attempt anyway.
    The Oxon Feather.