Sunday, 18 December 2016

Busy Weekend 17th/18th December

Courtesy of Elementerry

When this Masked Wagtail (Moticilla alba personata) turned up in a small village in Pembrokeshire a few weeks ago, a plan was formulated to go and see this first for the U.K. 
Masked Wagtail breed in central southern Asia from Iran to Mongolia and this bird should have been wintering in the Indian subcontinent.

Masked Wagtail please view at 1080p HD

Courtesy of Elementerry.

Severn Bridge on a misty winter morning.

200 miles from Oxford we found The Wickster continuing his walking list!

Wiltshire Sunday 18th December 

Cattle Egrets please view at 1080p HD

I simply cannot get enough of these charismatic diminutive Egrets wherever they are, I've been fortunate to encounter them several times over the years in the U.K as well as further afield in 
Lesvos and the Gambia. As a species Cattle Egrets are widespread throughout the world and the hope is that they will in time, follow in the footsteps of Little Egrets and colonise the U.K.

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