Monday, 12 December 2016

Dusky Derby

So the lure of this subtlety beautiful and rare thrush in Derbyshire saw myself the Mauve Hawk
and Elementerry hot footing it up north, circumnavigating the convergence of midland motorways
and on to slim b roads that wound their way through the winter sharpened Derbyshire landscape.

Please view at 1080p HD

The star of the show kept us waiting for a few hours before returning to a favoured orchard within
the village centre of Beeley, but it was worth the wait.

Dusky by Mauvey
So after great views of the main attraction it was on to some of the local specialities, namely
at least three Dippers and as it turned out Hawfinch.

The River Derwent the perfect habitat for the little blinky bobber.

Please view at 1080p HD

Elementerry looking uncharacteristically nervy near water.

 "Look heroic" I said...
I got grumpy Viking.